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Envision the future for the better.

Multicultural design experience.

With years of experience in Design Strategy and Industrial Design accross USA, Europe and Asia, we create unique and meaningful products for your specific targeted audience, no matter your background and industry sector.

Miio Studio's team members worked with :

about us
2022-BAPTISTE B&W.png
Baptiste Maingon

Co-Founder, Partner & Executive Director

Graduated in 2015 from L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique in France with a Master Degree in Industrial Design and Strategy, Baptiste has been living in China for 7+ years. After having worked for different industries including the cosmetic one as an industrial designer at Cent Degrés in Shanghai, Baptiste joined Fenda Technology based in Shenzhen, where he was involved as senior industrial designer in consumer electronics, and served notably Huawei and Tencent.

In 2017, he co-founded Miio Studio with his Chinese partner..


Having cross-cultural experiences in different industrial sectors, Baptiste developed solid knowledge in design strategy, management and marketing, enabling him today to run on the business development of and manage clients' portfolio of Miio Studio.

2022-ANTOINE B&W.png
Antoine Beynel

Industrial Designer

Graduated in 2015 from ISD Rubika in France, with a Master Degree in Industrial Design and Strategy, Antoine has lived 3 years in United States of America, working for two famous design agencies in Seattle: Artefact Group and Teague.


Antoine has served worldwide brands on 3 continents including Logitech, Philips, Samsung, Google, Lytro, Huawei that allowed him to develop a strong and sensible expertise.


After having worked for these great agencies, he decided to join Miio Studio. Antoine has been involved on all design projects from October 2018 to September 2020. He is now a contractor and is working with Miio Studio on large scale projects.

Business growth supporters

+ Healthcare    + Lifestyle    + Consumer Electronics    + Transportation

Crafting strategies
to face the future.

+ Research
+ Innovation Strategy
+ Strategic Foresight

Design is more than just creating beautiful products. Products define who we are. Design is about exchange, the way we communicate and interact as emotional individuals. It’s about how we read and understand the surrounding world on a daily basis and how we learn and grow.


We design products
that make sense.

+ Industrial Design
+ 3D Modeling
+ Prototyping & Manufacturing

Miio Studio combines functional industrial design with unparalleled technical knowledge to create innovative products. We stand for nothing less than the finest quality level when it comes to product design.

We craft impactful

+ Advertising
+ Communication Strategy
+ Marketing Visual Communication

Excellent product design and engineering implementation is not enough. Delivering a consistent and coherent message throughout the design project to ensure optimal effectiveness is essential. We are experts in creating effective communication content to support your successful marketing strategy and product launching.


Shaping outstanding experiences

Same methodology.  Different approach.

We love to take on varied and original challenges. Before creating cutting-edge user experiences that shape better behaviours and favour positive emotions, we do question the relationships that people have with their environment in their entirety to ultimately design products that perfectly meet their needs.