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CES 2024: RingConn

"RingConn Aims To Revolutionize Fitness Tech With Its Smart Ring"

RingConn, founded in 2021 by Professor Guoxing Wang and his two partners, is taking on Oura with its new Smart Ring. It is the best time to do so because the $147.1 million smart ring market size of 2022 is expected to reach $1,405.1 million by 2032 with a compounded annual growth rate of 25.4%, according to a DataHorizzon Research report.

RingConn-Ring Conn-Smart-Ring-Miio Studio-Industrial Design-Design Award 2023-G-Mark-Japan

Design Award: 
RingConn (2023)

"This is a high-quality ring with titanium in three mat colors as an exterior material and a beautiful superellipse design with a great attention to detail. It senses biological information at all times, notifies you of the amounts of stress, sleep and exercise, and encourages you to create goals to reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases, which is a wonderful idea. While the issue with this type of ring lies in the trouble to recharge it frequently, this ring consumes very little power, and the frequency of recharging is low, which was recognized." (G-Mark Japan's Jury)


Did you say Industrial Design?

Discover more about the added-value brought to brands and companies through the expertise of industrial design and product design.

Nantes Design School - France - Design - Miio Studio - Strate College - ISD Valenciennes

Franco-Chinese Design Meetings

Miio Studio stakeholders took part in the «Franco-Chinese Design Meetings» in Shenzhen at Design Society - event organised by the French and Chinese Governments with the support of Business France and the French Consulate of Canton-Shenzhen end and of March 2019. Baptiste Maingon and Antoine Beynel, have been able to share their respective careers and experiences between L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique and ISD Rubika, between Europe, the United States of America and China.


D-DAY Design Award Ceremony

On December 9, 2018, we were honored to be invited to participate in the annual D-DAY TECH Forum as well as the official D-DAY Design Awards Ceremony, organised by the Shunde International Design Association.


Miio Studio work, after have been shortlisted with 143 projects, won the Silver Design Award, arriving in second position for its project "Albert Cane - Improving Parkinson's Mobility", in front of more than 675 submitted projects.


SZIDF 2018

From 5th to 7th, November 2018, Miio Studio team took part in Shenzhen International Design Fair to meet all distinguished guests and exhibit their work.

Booth: E3, E16 France Design Pavilion


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