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Albert improves Parkinson’s mobility.

Taking care of a loved one with Parkinson's every minute is an absorbing and incredibly tiring mission. That is why we have conceptualised an eco-system called Albert in order to support people in this situation on a daily basis.

For both the patient and his family, Albert becomes the ideal companion.

A cane allows the patient to avoid a series of complications due to the loss of independence in his mobility. An application allows the family to keep a close eye on their loved ones and support them more effectively in their daily difficulties and progress.

Let us introduce you ALBERT.

Improving Parkinson’s mobility

through haptic feedback.


When Parkinson’s patients experience the FOG, they are stuck for no physical reasons. It has been proven that once any type of rhythm is established (be it haptic, visual or sound), Parkinson's sufferers avoid all kinds of issues related to the FOG. This is Albert's function. It helps the user regain confidence in their mobility and enables them rediscover independence.


Unobtrusive & safe monitoring


Downloaded onto a next of kin or relative's mobile phone, the app provides  permanent but unobtrusive monitoring of the user.
Watch over your relative by working out their location, the distance they have walked, even their heartbeat. Should they have any problems, your relative will be able to press an emergency button which will send you an immediate notification.
The vibrations and flashing lights are rhythmically synchronised to adapt to the user's walking style.   These parameters can be manually adjusted in the app.

keep an eye on your loved-one


Albert comes with its loS/Android app. This enables the relatives of the sufferer to track and monitor the difficulties encountered and/or progress made, as well as to keep an eye on the sufferer's mobility.

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