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Townsfolk, have you ever dreamed of a beautiful morning where you wake up in nature, by the sound of wildlife ?


The Bird brings back poetry at the time of waking. Simply grab it in your hand palm to separate it from its branch and re-perch it : it will stop singing for the duration you’ve set up.


Let The Bird on its branch and it will automatically reset your alarm until the tomorrow day to enjoy another healthy screen-free wake-up, surrounded by birdsong.


Let us introduce you The Bird.





Application IOS/Android

The Bird application allows you to set up your morning preferences while waking. You can choose which birdsong makes you thrill to wake up. If you like The Bird product but you dislike birdsongs, you can still choose one of your favourite music in your own library.


Also, if it is difficult for you to open your eyes in the morning, you can also set the intensity and colour of the light so that it touches your face / eyelids.




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